The Most Comprehensive Protein Powder EVER…

  • There are 38 Grams of Top-Quality Protein In Each Serving.
  • Contains the Patented Enzyme Aminogen® Which Breaks Down Protein to Increase Absorption Rate.
  • Contains Coleus Forskohlii and 20-Hydroxyecdysterone to Melt Fat and Replace it with Lean Muscle Mass.
  • Industry Leading Mixability & Best Tasting Protein Powder Delicious Milk Chocolate Flavor.
  • Use It as a Meal Replacement Shake For Weight Management.
  • L-Glutamine and Mucuna Pruiens Help Speed Up Your Muscle Recovery.
  • To Enhance Your Body’s Protein Intake, Myotein Contains 6 Different Types of Protein.
  • The Advanced Cross-flow Microfiltration Technology gives it High Bio-Availability.
  • Industry Leading Mixability & Best Tasting Protein Powder Delicious Milk Chocolate Flavor.

How Is Myotein Different From The Competition?

Myotein sets itself apart from the competition because it supplies the most complete protein supplementation for your body! Myotein is the only formula in the industry to include 6 DIFFERENT types of protein as part of its formula along with supplemental ingredients such as Aminogen to improve absorption, Coleus Forskholii to burn fat, and 20-Hydoxyecdysterone to boost muscle mass and burn extra calories. While other protein powders focus singularly on protein concentration, Myotein focuses on QUALITY their ingredients. Engineered using 17 top-notch substances, Myotein instigates health and performance from every angle with its all-inclusive blend—and the best of all, if you are not totally satisfied, Myotein is backed by an industry-leading 90 day money back guarantee!

The Science Of Myotein

Myotein is an amazing conglomeration of the utmost-quality body enhancing ingredients. It’s a design created, and trainer-recommended to help you achieve a complete physical transformation. Myotein is one of the most direct and user-loved proteins on account of it delivering just the right amount of the nutrients and energy you need to fuel intense workouts, shed body fat, speed up muscle recovery, and develop and maintain lean muscle mass.

Time-Released 6 Protein Blend

Myotein consists of a unique blend of 6 DIFFERENT PROTEINS to ensure sure you’re equipped with the best muscle building power possible. Myotein consists of several different protein forms which ensures a unique time-release system- which means YOU reap the benefits of this rich protein at all times! Protein also plays a critical role in weight regulation because protein suppresses hunger, it builds muscle mass that burns a high amount of calories, and it promotes the release of glucagon (a fat-burning molecule). These proteins include:

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Myotein Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is exercise and/or a healthy diet required to see results with Myotein?
A. While Myotein will supply you with extra protein to help build muscle mass, optimal results are much more generous if you diet and exercise.
Q. Is Myotein a gender-specific supplement?
A. Nope! Myotein is not a steroid or pro-hormone. It is designed and engineered with safe, all-natural ingredients that will boost your muscle mass and reduce body fat. As with all health supplements, do consult your physician before taking Myotein, to see if it is right for you.
Q. Is Myotein FDA approved?
A: Typically, the (Food and Drug Administration) will not approve most dietary supplements because they typically only approve drugs suggested by medical doctors. Myotein is a health supplement that is not meant to treat, cure, diagnose, or prevent any disease.
Q. How long will one bottle of Myotein last me?
A: Myotein contains 27 servings of protein (at 38 grams a serving), and will last you from one week to about 26 days depending on the daily quantity consumed.
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June 08, 2012 -- 5:08pm

xpi myotein

Submitted by: Johnathan

This is the best protein powder that I have used. The taste is good and it has a lot of different types of protein in it to help your muscles to continually have the protein they need. It also has few calories in it especially compared to other leading brands which is good for me because I am getting ready for competition. The only negative is its cost. It cost a little bit more than some of the other types.

July 16, 2012 -- 5:17pm

XPI Myotein

Submitted by: Jason

I really like Myotein. My muscles have increased a lot in size since I have been using Myotein and working out. I have also been able to drop some body fat by cutting out how much I eat and using Myotein as a filler to help reduce hunger.

July 28, 2012 -- 5:03pm


Submitted by: HockeyMan

I bought this stuff because of its formula. No other product compares to its level of protein forms.

On top of its good formula I also like its taste and mixability. It mixes a lot better than most other brands. It also tastes pretty good. I would say it is one of the better tasting proteins out there.

August 06, 2012 -- 5:10pm

Tastes Great!

Submitted by: Sharrel

This has a good taste which is why I bought after I tried a sample. I mix it with milk which probably helps with the taste. I can’t handle most other protein shakes. They all seem to have the same protein taste which I just can’t stand. Myotein doesn’t have that and it mixes well too.


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