Weider Super Mega Mass 2000

If you are looking to gain weight Super Mega Mass 2000 is one of the best methods to pack on pounds of rock hard mass. With the mountain of protein, carbohydrates for energy, and a full array of essential vitamins and minerals, Super Mega Mass 2000 is the ideal weight gain formula. This L-Glutamine enhanced formula supports protein synthesis and plays a role in supporting intestinal health. Super Mega Mass 2000 has a high quality protein blend consisting of egg, milk and highly concentrated whey protein sources for increased nitrogen retention during intense exercise.* Super Mega Mass 2000 will deliver high quality calories and proteins to help you reach your optimum potential

Mega Mass 2000 Ingredients

Enhanced with L-Glutamine: The amino acid recent studies have shown to support protein synthesis and muscle cell hydration while sparing glycogen, limiting cortisol’s breakdown of muscle tissue and supporting immune functions for optimum workout recovery. Improved Protein Blend: with egg, milk, and highly concentrated whey protein sources for increased bioavailability and nitrogen retention. Sequential Complex Carbohydrates: consisting of long, medium, and short chain polysaccharides to fuel tissues with a gradually released supply of energy. Plus fructose and dextrose to quickly replace the glycogen used up in heavy training and avoid subsequent muscle catabolism. Medium Chain Triglycerides: for high calories that are utilized for energy. Fortified with essential vitamins and minerals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Mega Mass 2000?

A. An advanced Weight gainer packed with muscle building, energy making Carbohydrates and a full array of essential vitamins and minerals for a complete weight gain formula. One step above Dynamic Weight Gainer to assist with weight gain at a faster rate

Q. Who should take Mega Mass 2000?

A. Any individual who requires more calories to assist in putting on body mass through weight training, athletic exertion, or to fill a caloric void for maintaining healthy body weight.

Q. Why should you take Mega Mass 2000?

A. Super Mega Mass 2000 is a superior combination of whey protein concentrate, calcium caseinate, and Egg albumen along with high energy inducing carbohydrates to provide serious calories for creating extra body mass.

Q. When should you take Mega Mass 2000?

A. Daily as needed to provide extra calories based off personal bodyweight goals.

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Weider Mega Mass 2000

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