Anabolic-Pump makes food more anabolic by using the natural strength of the most anabolic hormone – insulin. In our search for perfection, diet is the best key to succeeding. The fact is that food is the most anabolic stuff in the world.

By securing the power of muscle insulin and food, Anabolic-Pump takes your natural growth to new highs! Insulin is the strongest anabolic hormone produced in the body, while food consists of the very anabolic building blocks of muscles. Insulin forces muscle to grow quickly. But, insulin also causes fat cells to grow faster- uh-oh! What you get is a large mass of muscle with a cover of thick fat. In a perfect world fat cells would be resistant to the action of insulin.

Isn’t Insulin a dangerous drug then? Yes, insulin is the most anabolic hormone, but its also dangerous. BUT Anabolic-pump is a new kind of natural muscle builder called SIMS. Well what is SIMS? SIMS means: Selevtive Insulin Muscle Sensitizer. Anabolic-Pump causes your body to be ultra-efficient in using insulin in muscle cells!

USPlabs doesnt like using “Garbage Pail” formulas. Some companies think if you just put a whole lot of different ingredients together, that it will make it more effective. However some of these ingredients can put you in the bathrooom during your workout.

Anabolic-Pump has an engineered extract of the Phellodendron Chinese Plant and Herbal Lagerstroemia Speciosa. The team behind the research of Anabolic-Pump has been engineering the right extract for the past 2 years. They did it with Cissus Rx. Anabolic-Pump has amazing power, and will help your muscles use that insulin to its potential!

Anabolic-Pump Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does AP increase insulin levels?
A: No. Anabolic Pump actually requires the body to release less insulin.
Q: What are the side effects associated with Anabolic-Pump?
A: No harmful side effects have been reported with Anabolic-Pump; however, everyone should use it according to personal tolerance and health conditions. Consult your doctor before use if you are pregnant or nursing, or taking other medications.
Q: Do I need to have a special diet with Anabolic-Pump?
A: Yes! Anabolic-Pump needs you to have complex carbohydrates in your diet.
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