Using Animal Rage is an experience unlike any other. Explosive energy and unadulterated power ambush you on all sides. The gym becomes a jungle, and the weights your prey. Your senses keen, your reflexes aching to be tested. You’ve but to devour your two scoops of energy and then tackle your first victim- yesterday’s personal records! Animal Rage isn’t just your average, run-of-the-mill supplement.This puppy was designed to bring out the inner animal in YOU. Harness your wild side to enhance your endurance and performance. Rage is a dynamite thing when left unbridled, but zero in on it and dominate it, and suddenly YOU are a force to be reckoned with. Drawing intrinsically deep, this rage now has the capacity to push one to extremities, testing his/her limits. Producing an almost “out of body experience” where unrelenting training and fierce weights are now, frankly no match.

Animal Rage is unlike any other, and the experience of just using this unique blend is incomparable. Even unique from it’s other Animal siblings, there are actually TWO Animal Rage products. Designed to fit your needs specifically. In the usual Universal Animal protocol, these Rage products will be available in capsule form, individually pre-dosed as well as a powder form. Just mix with 4oz of water and you are transformed into an ergogenic beast wreaking havoc on the weights at your mercy.

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Rage is comprised of four complexes designed to target the specific points of your workout that will benefit you the most.

1. “Endurance and Performance”

Beta Alanine, L-Taurine, Glucuronolactone and Citrulline Malate, are the primary ingredients and promote boosts in strength, endurance and in general your physical exercise capabilities.

2. “Focus and Intensity”

Designed to enhance cognitive functions and all things happy-brain related. With delightful ingredients such as L-Tyrosine, N-Acetyl Tyrosine, Beta-Phenylethylamine and Choline Bitartrate, which have been shown to prevent stress and improve memory, not to mention mental acuity, concentration and a sunshiny disposition- you can’t help but love these effects.

3. “Sustained Energy”

This guy is the life of our complex party because this little bugger not only packs a punch, but keeps on kicking! Loaded with potent adaptogenic herbs including Panax Ginseng, Cordyceps Sinensis, Rhodiola Rosea extract and Schizandra Berry.

4. Last but not least, “Quick Energy”

Which consists of all the popular guys we know and love; pure caffeine anhydrous, coffee bean extracts and green tea extracts. Handing out natural antioxidants and oodles of benefits like it’s halloween.

Q. How should Animal Rage be taken?
A. Animal Rage is designed to amplify workouts, take one serving 45 minutes before a pumping session. The ingredients are very potent energizers and intensifiers, so they should not be taken during the 6 hours before bedtime. Due to the high concentration, limit yourself to 1 packet every 24 hours. It can also be stacked with other animal products for ultimate effect.
Q. What are the side effects associated with Animal Rage?
A. Intensely powerful ingredients like caffeine which are in Animal Rage may cause mild cases of jitteriness, anxiety, insomnia, or rapid heart beat. Avoid taking caffeine in any other form while using this product. And as always, Consult your physician before taking this supplement, especially if you any sort of sensitivity to caffeine, or any pre-existing medical conditions. Obviously are pregnant, or nursing do consult your physician as well.
Q. How long does one order of Animal Rage last?
A. Sold in packs of 44, Animal Rage is set up to last you at least 44 days, taking no more than 1 a day.
Q. How do I know if Animal Rage will work for me?
A. The developers of this highly powerful mix of complexes are confident that Animal Rage will provide amped up energy to any body using this product. With its potent conglomeration of intensely efficacious ingredients, the real question is: are you ready to handle it?
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