Creacore is uniquely the first and only concentrated creatine powder that fuses creatine and fenugreek, which is proposed by researchers to assist subjects escalate their lean muscle mass and overall strength.

Unlike other concentrated creatine powders on the market, Creacore allows the subject to take the same dose of creatine within fewer scoops. Be careful, Creacore is designed for performance, not to become your newly favored “fruity shake.”

Creacore mainly consists of two ingredients: Creatine HCI and Fenugreek Extract. Creatine HCI is said to be the most potent formula of Creatine and is said to “Blow” the lid off of the creatine world. Creatine HCI will assist you in increasing your maximum strength, power, muscle mass, your workout capacity and recuperation.

Fenugreek Extract is known to support your normal body reaction to glucose, promote healthy cholesterol levels, and normalize healthy male hormone levels; additionally, Fenugreek Extract is reported to help subjects have a better appetite. Overall, the mixture of Creatine HCI and Fenugreek creates the ultimate creatine supplement.

Muscletech Creacore Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Creacore a safe product?
A. Absolutely! Creacore is a safe creatine powder scientifically designed to assist you during your workout and help you increase your muscle mass and strength! Although we suggest that Creacore is completely safe, always ask your doctor whether it is safe to consume with any current medications or physical conditions you may have.
Q. Do I have to start an exercise program in order to see results with Creacore?
A. Not necessarily, but Creacore is designed to assist your workout, and without exercise, reaching your potential is not possible.
Q. Who can use Creacore?
A. Creacore was designed to work with both adult men and women that are 18 years old or older. Consult with your doctor whether you can take Creacore if you are taking any current medications or any physical conditions you may have.
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August 20, 2012 -- 5:33pm


Submitted by: Clay

I gained 13 pounds on this stuff in just one month. My max has also gone up by about 25lbs on the bench, which it should because I have been lifting more. The only thing I didn’t like was that I retained water and my face looked a little more bloated.


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