Whether you’re an athlete, a competitor, or a bodybuilder, you know that life is war. When life throws struggle at you, you need to be at your most hardcore to match it. That’s why MusclePharm brings you Battle Fuel: the aggressive herbal formula to support the male strength inside you.

Battle Fuel maximizes your testosterone output, increases strength, supports endurance, and scavenges free radicals for the strongest, most resilient male body possible. With its powerful scientific formula, Battle Fuel boosts your performance during and after strenuous physical stress.

Key Benefits of Battle Fuel:

  • Supports natural, healthy anabolism
  • fuels cellular energy and health
  • constructs lean body mass
  • Promotes testosterone production
  • Reduces fatigue and increases strength
  • Sharpens mental focus
  • Accelerates recovery and immune function

When you need a battle strategy to withstand the toughest environment, you need Battle Fuel.

Battle Fuel features essential ingredients for hardcore performance:

  • Testosterone Matrix: With powerful fenugreek, LF-100, and Zinc Monomethionine.
  • Estrogen Suppression Matrix: Estrogen modulators, trans-resveratrol, and diindolemethane.
  • Muscle Building Matrix: With the “Russian secret” herbal derivitive Suma, Maca, Muira Puama, and other agents.
  • Oxygenation and Endurance Matrix: Suma and DimethylGlycine.
  • Internal Support Matrix: Antioxidants, detosifiers, and cleansing agents.

Only Battle Fuel contains the right ratios of all the essentials for the ultimate in endurance, performance, anabolism, and hard training.

Battle Fuel FAQ

Q: How do I take Battle Fuel?
A: Take 1 serving of 6 capsules at least 30 minutes before your workout. On non-training days, take 1 serving with a meal. Take Battle Fuel for 3 weeks straight, followed by a 1 week break before doing the cycle again.
Q: What warnings are associated with Battle Fuel?
A: Battle Fuel is recommended only for healthy adults over age 18. Never take more than recommended daily dose. Not intended for women who are pregnant or lactating, or any persons at risk for any medical conditions. Battle Fuel is a legal and natural supplement that will pass drug tests.
Q: Can Battle Fuel really increase muscle size and power?
A: Yes! Battle Fuel contains a powerful, scientific formula specifically designed to promote muscle strength and growth through various channels.
Q: Do I need to alter my diet or exercise habits to experience the best benefits?
A: For the optimal results, Battle Fuel should be used before intense muscle training sessions to prevent muscle fatigue and increase performance. You can optimize your performance through regular workouts and support it with a healthy diet.
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August 16, 2012 -- 3:53pm

Battle Fuel

Submitted by: Josh

It helped increase reps and strength at the gym a few days after starting the cycle. Not one to usually take a T-Booster but after seeing an improvement I’ll start using them a little more often. Hard to tell whether it was this the increase at the gym or some of the other stuff I was taking that really made the difference.


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