MMUSA Goat Whole Body Formula

MMusa’s formula is an all-organic complete protein, containing not only all 8 essential amino acids*, But the 20 amino acids vital to healthy tissue development as well. This is the ideal formula for endurance and agility athletes. Or anyone who wants to eat strategically in order to get into better physical and mental condition.

Trainers and nutritionists highly recommend WBF as an optimal protein supplement for clients following low carbohydrate diets who want to:

  • Enhance lean muscle growth
  • Reduce overall body fat
  • Increase energy levels
  • Eat a healthy, protein free of chemicals, additives and genetically modified feed ingredients

Goat Whole Body Formula

Goat Whole Body Formula is a 100% organic product containing no antibiotic residue or female growth hormones or other drugs. Because goat’s milk protein molecules are structured differently than cow’s milk and other proteins you will digest it easily. The digestive capabilities of Goat Whole Body Formula have been enhanced even further by adding:

  • Ganeden Labs BC30 to provide digestion and immune support from specialized pro-biotics
  • Minerals
  • Electrolytes

Compared to yogurt, this formula delivers 10 times as many live pro-biotics to the small intestine

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Should you Take Goat Whole Body Formula?

A. Take one or two servings per day mixed with 6 oz of water.

Q. How Much Protein Do I Get Per Serving?

A. 12 Grams of Protein Per Serving

Q. Why Take Goat Whole Body Formula?

A. Goat Whole Body Formula contains the 8 essential amino acids – they are referred to as essential because you body does not make them and they must be derived from your diet.

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MMUSA GOAT Whole Body Formula

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