MMUSA’s Goat Perfect Protein Formula

Perfect Protein Formula is made using organic goat’s milk. It’s ideal for those who are looking for a natural, whole food protein powder that is additive free and easy-to-digest.

To make sure the product stays as close to nature as we can get it, Perfect Protein Formula is hardly processed, with a Refractance Window Drying machine. The method uses conduction, convection and infrared to apply minimal and variable heat sources that gently dry the product and safeguards its molecular integrity. Using this unique drying process will allow the powerful probiotics and digestive enzymes to thrive during the lacto-fermentation process. This makes PERFECT PROTEIN FORMULA the ideal protein supplement choice for the very young and the very old and everyone in between

Perfect Protein Formula

Perfect Protein Formula contains all the essential amino acids your body needs for optimal muscle growth. And is easily digested by almost everyone- of any age- even the lactose intolerant. To assist the natural digestion and absorption, Perfect Protein Formula is lacto-fermented, a process which provides optimal levels of beneficial pro-biotics and enzymes.

Bennifits of Perfect Protein Formula:

  • contains all the essential amino acids you need for optimal health
  • easily digested by almost everyone even the lactose intolerant
  • provides your digestive system with beneficial pro-biotics
  • provides your body with beneficial enzymes
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MMUSA GOAT Perfect Protein Formula

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