Force Factor Body Rush is a powerful pre-workout sports drink mix, that has been scientifically crafted to pump you with amazing energy, intense focus, more strength and amazing stamina that will bring your workout to a higher level.

You’ve probably tried other pre-workout drink mixes. Now is the time to try the one that gives you the ultimate results and still tastes awesome! It is available in three amazing flavors, Fruit Punch, Strawberry Kiwi, and Cherry Limeade. You will crave Body Rush before, during, and after workouts. Body Rush is the revolution in pre-workout drink mixes that you have been waiting for!

The ultimate ingredients will give you the ultimate results. Body Rush has been formulated with a sophisticated scientific blend of nitric oxide boosters, energizers, BCAAs, B Vitamins, Electrolytes, and Carnitines.

These ingredients are perfect for any athlete or workout. Body Rush contains a Focus Blend, an Energy Blend, a Strength Blend, and a Muscle Glucose Primer AND gives you amazing lightweight rapid hydration. Straight from cutting-edge science, Body Rush wont just be your favorite Pre-Workout Drink Mix, it will be the most effective you’ve ever tried!

  • Energy Blend
  • Focus Enhancer Blend
  • Strength Blend
  • Muscle Glucose Primer
  • Rapid, Lightweight Hydration
  • Carnitines
  • BCAAs
  • Advanced 3X NO Booster
  • Green Tea and Guarana Extracts

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When should I expect to see a difference while using Force Factor Body Rush?
A: Pretty much every new user sees a difference on the first time use. The difference is higher energy output to workout, and leaner muscle growth. Of course the total gain will be different depending on your body and the way you exercise and diet.
Q: Do I have to exercise and diet to see results?
A: Being a pre-workout Body Rush was designed to work best when combined with diet and exercise. Outside of that Body Rush will still help you to gain lean muscle, but to see the result, you really want to have good efficient workouts.
Q: Is there a guarantee?
A: Yes, and here’s how it works. It’s a hassle-free money-back guarantee for 90 days. Meaning, if for some reason you come away unsatisfied with Body Rush, you can send it back along with any separate unused product for a complete refund minus S/H.
Q: How old to I have to be to use Body Rush?
A: You must at least be 18 years old to order and use Body Rush.
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August 03, 2012 -- 4:25pm


Submitted by: HockeyMan

I like the taste of the kiwi strawberry. The main thing that I like about Body Rush is that it isn’t filled with stimulants. It gives you energy but not so much that you feel like your heart is going to jump out. It also gives you really good pumps.

August 08, 2012 -- 4:19pm

Body Rush

Submitted by: HardCore

I usually like force factor products but this one just didn’t do it for me. It needs a few more ingredients to make much of a difference. Taste was ok but that was the only good thing about this product.


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