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Are you finding if difficult to build musscle? Are you going to they gym day in and day out without any results? We understand AND we have an answer for you. Its Purus Labs D-Pol. D-Pol is a very intense muscle and strength builder that increases your natural free testosterone levels. With it you will experience an increase of blood flow and oxygen delivery to your muscles that will help your working muscles and increase their vitality.

    Why D-Pol Is So Amazing.

  • 42% Increase in your free testosterone.
  • Prolong your exercise experience and endurance.
  • Deliver important nutrients to your muscles.
  • Increased sex drive and stamina.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the ingredients all natural?
The ingredients Purus Labs use are all natural and safe to consume.
Q: Do I need to cycle off this product?
This product is not made to be cycled off. You can take it as long as you see fit or until you reach your desired results.
Will this give me energy boosts?
Yes it will. If you want to take it before you go to the gym you may for optimal results.
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