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CytoSport EvoPro is a premium blend of protein that can be found inside Muscle Milk, CytoSprot’s effective lean muscle formula. EvoPro constists fo ultra-premium alpha, whey protein isolate, beta micellar caseins, milk protein isolate, alpha-lactalbumin, lactoferrin and much more. With such a precise mix to encourage muscle growth, EvoPro is one of the most powerful protein blends abailable on the market.

The Genious Behind EvoPro

Everyone wether young or old has inborn growth receptors that are waiting to be woken up. Studies have shown that a mothers milk can wake up these inborn growth receptors. EvoPro designed with this in mind, mirroring the pattern these growth reveptors, EvoPro will help support your immune system function and growth. It doesn’t matter wether you are a child or a grown man, Those growth receptors are ready to wake up and EvoPro is the best way to do that.

A common misconception is that whey protein is actually better for you because it is absorbed faster. Although Whey Protein is absorbed faster it is actually casein fraction that first empties from your stomach after ingestion. Casein releases protein, peptides and aminos over a long period of time. EvoPro contains both whey and casein to provide you with complete coverage of whey and casein.

An anabolic window is period where you have the potential for more recovery and muscle growth. If your window is open then protein synthesis and muscle growth will occur. When the window closes you go into negative nitrogen blance and catabolic state. EvoPro was designed to keep your anabolic window open longer by delivering the ultimate proteins.. whey and caseins.

Benefits of EvoPro

EvoPro is also very rich in L-glutamine. Glutamine protects muscle and supports recovery and immune system function. With a complete protein blend, you get a prolonged protein supplied energy thats rich in high anticatabolic micellar casien. EvoPro is low carb containing only 2 grams of carbohydrates and 0 sugars, which is perfect for low carb diets. EvoPro is also lactose free! So it doesn’t leave you feeling bloated or stuffed. Plus it tastes great!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does EvoPro rich in L-glutamine?

A: Glutamine protects muscle and supports recovery and immune system function. So you can recover after a hard workout.

Q: Can I take EvoPro instead of muscle milk and get the same results?

A: No. EvoPro is just the protein inside of MuscleMilk. They do not have the same benefits.

Q: Can I just take whey protein and get the same effects as EvoPro?

A: No, EvoPro contains a blend of whey and Casein to provide a complete protein coverage.

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