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WHAT IS ALL THE HYPE ABOUT CREATINE? It’s a key molecule for the body’s process of producing functional energy. It catalyzes “fuel” for each cell in the body. Unfortunately, many people’s diets are often missing natural creatine and consequently supplementation is recommended to boost or even keep up overall health, and is imperative for muscle strength, endurance and recovery when exercising.

SO WHY USE CON-CRĒT? After six years of clinical testing and research, CON-CRĒT has developed the most powerful and soluble creatine on the market. Now you can finally get your hands on the creatine that will amp up your workout and help you transform your body into a muscle building machine.

Con Cret Pills Supplement Facts

Take 1 hour before to workout or competition. blend with 4-6 ounces of juice or water. You can take on an empty stomach or with food, to your preference. You can also mix in with protein. There is, however, no need to stack with other creatine products. As with all creatine supplements, it’s especially important maintain adequate hydration.
In regards to Micro-Dosing: No loading or cycling is necessary, as previously stated. How you take it will vary on what you’re doing that day, for example:

  • Normal workouts (lasting one hour or less): 1 capsule per 100 lbs
  • Intense workouts (lasting more than 1 hour): 2 capsules per 100 lbs
  • Off days: 1 capsule per 100 lbs. to assist in muscle recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I stack CON-CRĒT with other supplements?

A. While CON-CRĒT can be stacked, it’s important to do it with complementary supplements. For example, stacking with whey or protein-based supplements is common and enables you to benefit from the individual qualities each of these supplements offers. That being said, it is NOT recommended that you stack CON-CRĒT with another creatine-based product, or with a product that does not fully disclose their ingredients list.

Q. Should I load or cycle with CON-CRĒT?

A. No. It’s not necessary to load CON-CRĒT because it is highly soluble and highly effective. It distributes creatine directly to the muscles in such a way that does not necessitate the inefficient process known as loading. There is no need to cycle as CON-CRĒT safely delivers creatine on a consistent and efficient manner, which eliminates the need for cycling.

Q. How soon will I see results from CON-CRĒT?

A. Immediately! Generally people notice an immediate impact on endurance and recovery. From a strength building and muscle size perspective, when they tested it on volunteers who dosed from 4 to 104 weeks, indicated that 95% of them saw results in the first four weeks of usage with the balance indicated results by week five. Definitely it is note-worthy that continued use of CON-CRĒT was proven safe and will continue to positively impact endurance, recovery, strength and mass when taken as directed.

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