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When a true athlete goes to the gym, he goes to give his all. His workouts push his body to its max. True athletes give everything at the gym in order to help their bodies reach their true potential for growth. Unfortunately, sometimes our best just isn’t enough when we hit workout plateaus. When this happens, athletes need some extra help. This is why CNP created Pro-Creatine. Pro-Creatine is made from the purest, most potent forms of creatine to ensure that you get results – FAST.

Chemical Nutrition Products (CNP) has long been a trusted company in the United Kingdom. Top athletes back CNP, trusting its products to give them the power they need. If some of the most powerful athletes in the world can trust CNP, then imagine what it could do for you!

Made From The Best

CNP Pro-Creatine uses 100% creatine monohydrate in the purest form available. Pro Creatine has the ability to pull excess water from parts of the body and transfer them to the muscle cells. Doing this hydrates the muscle, making it stronger and boosting ATP production and storage. All these results in your muscles working more efficiently.

Due to the purity of the creatine used in Pro-Creatine, this cutting edge formula gets absorbed into the body quickly. There’s no smoke and mirrors behind this, it’s just pure creatine and has a neutral pH, making it completely stable. When it comes to creatine supplements, the key factor is the purity of the creatine, and CNP Pro-Creatine is 100% the purest, most potent creatine available in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I take CNP Pro-Creatine?
A. Pro-Creatine should be taken with your morning meal and a glass of water before going to work out and after lunch for best results.
Q. Does CNP Pro-Creatine require cycling?
A. No! Pro-Creatine is so pure and potent that you don’t have to cycle for fear of your body ajdusting to it. We do however suggest going on Pro-Creatine for 6-8 weeks, and then taking a 2-4 week break.
Q. Is CNP Pro-Creatine a safe product?
A. Yes! Pro-Creatine has been made from the highest quality, purest creatine available, so you don’t ahve to worry about potentially harmful chemicals. No negative side effects have been reported for Pro-Creatine, but still talk with your doctor before using to make sure it’s right for you.
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