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Pro-Score 100 is a low fat, easy to digest, nitrogen-rich, protein that is lactose free and loaded with glutamine to help maintain existing muscle. Pro-Score 100 contains 5 unique types of dairy protein for a mix of fast and slow release of protein in the body.

One serving of Pro-Score 100 holds an amazing 30g of protein! That’s more than one chicken breast or 4 eggs and more protein dense than a sirloin steak! Pro-Score 100 is easy to diegest. It contains hydrolyzed why proteins which easier and faster than regular whey protein. This makes it great for supplementing before or during a workout.


Pro-Score 100 is loaded with the best ingredients possible to give you the most complete, ultimate protein possible.

Pro-Score 100 is Glutamine enriched to maintain existing muscle. It has the highest level of amino acids while still meeting the strict criteria set by the FAO/WHO. It uses advanced processing methods with high quality ingredients to make the perfect protein.

Pro-Score 100 Frequently Asked Questions

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Q.Pro-Score 100 a safe product?
A. Yes! The developers at Champion Nutrition took every precaution to make Pro-Score 100 the safest supplement available to consumers! Even still, always check with your doctor to make sure that a supplement is right for you.
Q. How do I take Pro-Score 100?
Directions For Use Mix one serving (2 Scoops) per every 8-12oz of water.
For Endurance Athletes: Use Pro-Score 100 within 1 hour of completing your workout.
For Bodybuilders/Strenght Athletes: Take 30-45 minutes before exercise and immediately after.
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Pro-Score 100
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