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Pre-workout Supplements Results

Bronson Duerden

“Being a gym rat, I have worked with a lot of different personal trainers. However, Steve Cochran’s experience and knowledge in physical fitness has placed him in a higher level. I recently competed in a Gold’s Gym 3 month body improvement competition with 260 other contestants. It was at the same time that I started meeting with Steve. He put me on a killer workout regimen, great diet, and hooked me up with supplements. Steve has a way of taking complex fitness topics and explaining them in such a simplistic way that anyone can understand. I ended up placing 2nd overall in the Gold’s Gym competition. I have no doubt in my mind that my success would not have been possible if not for Steve’s help and expertise. He is a great guy and I would highly recommend that anyone looking to improve their physical fitness meet with Steve.”

Pre-workout Supplements Results

Rory Hansen

Pre-workout Supplements Results

Mac Ericksen

“I was diagnosed with cancer in spring of 2009 and dropped from 200 to 150 in a couple months. After chemo i was able to get some back, but then in feb. of 2010 i had a major surgery and dropped to 145. But since i’ve been back in the gym this time i’ve been getting my supps from, and i’m able to make my money go farther. I can buy more supps or more food and now I’m 205, bigger than i’ve every been and not slowing down.”

Jeff Sorensen

  • Hometown: Farmington, UT
  • Age: 26
  • Supplements: Oxy Elite Pro and Jack3d coupled with intense cardio 3 times a week and lifting weights every night.

“Honestly I have been lifting weights consistently for 5 years… Tried 4 or 5 different supplements and always stayed in about the same shape, like how I look in the before picture around 12-13% bf. When I heard about Jack3d on and tried that, it made a huge difference in my training and that’s where it started. Then I started Oxy Elite Pro, as it is made by the same company. I didn’t notice much difference for about 3 weeks but then from weeks 4-8 I started seeing a big difference especially in my abs… Which I hadn’t seen in my entire life! I lost about 10 pounds and dropped down to 8-9% bf. Everybody that hadn’t seen me in a while actually asked if I’d gained weight! Cause I was more ripped. Well I didn’t ever think it was possible for me to get a six pack. But at 26 I’m in the best shape of my life! I didn’t change my lifting very much. Just added Oxy Elite, Jack3d, and Cardio to my mornings and it made all the difference! Thanks”

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