Nitric Oxide Benefits

5 Nitric Oxide Benefits for Bodybuilders

Just like Arnold Schwarzenegger you want to experience “the pump.” You want to know that your workout is getting you the results you’re after and feeling the blood engorging your muscles as you’re working out is the best signal your body can send you.

Nitric oxide (NO) is largely responsible for the pump. But it has even more health and workout benefits that you’re not going to want to pass up.

1. Increased Alertness

When you’re in the gym you need to be focused 100% of the time. Although your mind might wander to that awesome girl you met last night, take a lesson from Arnold and don’t let anything distract you once you start a set.

On the days when you’re struggling to focus on your workout, NO can help. It increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients that are sent to your brain, which improves focus. In addition, NO helps the body to better communicate between various cells. With faster communication to nerve cells you will notice faster responses and unparalleled focus.

2. Greater Endurance

Are you struggling to get everything you want out of your workouts? The increased endurance NO provides can help you get an even better workout so you can achieve greater gains.

Since your muscles get more oxygen and nutrients when NO is increased you won’t experience feelings of fatigue as quickly as you would otherwise. You can lift heavier weights and perform each lift with better form. As a result you’ll leave your workout feeling stronger and more successful than ever before.

3. Faster Recovery

In the past, tough workouts have likely left you so sore you weren’t able to walk the next day, much less make it to the gym. Supplementing with nitric oxide boosting products can significantly reduce your recovery time.

With more NO your muscles more easily obtain exactly what they need to heal and repair:

  • Nutrients
  • Oxygen
  • Protein

Muscle growth really occurs after your workout as your muscles are repairing the tiny tears created from pushing your muscles to their limit. If you aren’t giving your body everything it needs for proper repair, you could be stunting your muscle growth. So be sure to use NO to reduce post-workout pain and promote faster recovery.

4. Enhanced Vasodilation

One of the main ways in which nitric oxide affects your body is by vasodilation. This is how your muscles are given the oxygen and nutrients they need so they can work out harder and recover faster. With increased blood flow you’ll experience “the pump.”

Because blood circulation is improved you will also attain additional health benefits from increased NO.


widening of blood vessels

  • Better circulation
  • Fewer blood clots
  • More regulated blood pressure
  • Lower risk of heart disease and stroke

5. Increased Muscle Mass

Increased blood flow to muscles allows for greater nutrient and oxygen delivery. This makes it easier for your muscles to reach their full growth potential. In addition, since you’ll likely be working harder while supplementing with NO boosters you will be able to see faster, more impressive strength and mass gains.

Although NO on its own won’t give you the massive muscles you’re after, when you combine supplementation with a healthy diet and regular exercise (particularly lifting) you’re sure to notice increased muscle mass in no time.

Optimal Results

Each year NO boosting supplements become more and more popular. And it’s no wonder why as bodybuilders recognize the impressive strength and mass gains they can achieve. These five benefits, plus many more, can help you to achieve optimal results regardless of how little or how much time you spend pumping iron.

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